Fujitsu Announces Metaarc Cloud Platform Acquires Usharesoft presents – Technology News:

Fujitsu has kicked off Fujitsu Forum, its annual customer and partner event in Munich, Germany, by expanding on its vision for digitalising enterprises, launching a cloud platform called MetaArc to support capabilities around big data, mobility and the internet of things (IoT), and acquired French application delivery software house UShareSoft.

The acquisition of UShareSoft will work to further strengthen K5, and the new added value it enables, namely, the ease with which applications can be migrated to our cloud services and customer environments, will contribute to MetaArc. Moreover, we expect that cooperation between UShareSoft and Fujitsu group companies in Europe conducting business relating to software and the cloud, primarily FUJITSU Enabling Software Technology GmbH and Fujitsu RunMyProcess SAS, will raise our profile in the global cloud market.

Fujitsu senior vice-president and head of managed infrastructure services and digital business platform, global delivery Joel O’Halloran said the MetaArc platform would let customers embrace the delivery of two-speed business transformation – meaning fast IT and robust IT – from “a position of balance”.


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